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Bespoke oak dresser made exclusively for The New Craftsman gallery
Handmade spindle back windsor lounge chair in oak

Bibbings & Hensby make bespoke contemporary wooden furniture with a focus on exemplary craftsmanship and aesthetics inspired by inherited British design traditions.


Our furniture is handmade in the truest sense, using time honoured principles of furniture making with an emphasise on refinement and a meticulous attention to detail. We use solid wood and traditional joinery throughout all of our work to create functional objects of exceptional quality and longevity.

Bespoke hand cut dovetails and hand plane
Drawknife on shavehorse with wood shavings


We approach design from a perspective influenced by both traditional craft and contemporary aesthetics to create high end bespoke furniture that embodies a sense of relevance, history and materiality. 

All of our work is bespoke or made-to-order and we work closely with our clients to achieve unique one-off furniture of an uncompromisingly high standard.

Bespoke london plane coffee table
Hand carved bespoke sideboard doors
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