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Bouts Trestle Table in oak
Painting by the Dutch artist Dieric Bouts titled Christ in the House of Simon c. 1440s
Traditional notched shoulder joinery

Bouts Trestle Table

The design of our trestle table was inspired by an example found in a 1440s painting by dutch artist Dieric Bouts. The table that Bouts depicts illustrates a unique orientation of the trestle configuration which is directed inwards rather than out to the sides, achieving a unique sense of dynamism, strength, and confidence. 

Our Bouts Trestle Table combines observations from this painting with joinery known to be used at the time. This includes a notched joint connecting the angled brace into the post and “drawer bore” pegs to secure the joints in place. These choices add strength to the table but also tie it to its reference and the time honoured practices of furniture making that we continue. 

The table pictured measured 225cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 75cm (H) was made from English quarter sawn oak.


Price: £8900

Bouts Trestle Table with bespoke staked benches and end stools
Bouts Trestle Table a-frame trestle in workshop
Bouts Trestle Table a-frame trestle shown from the side with notched joinery and draw bore pegs
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