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Below are a collection of some of the most common timber species and finishes we use in our work. This is not an exhaustive selection and we welcome enquiries about further options.

We finish our work with a variety of oils chosen specifically to complement the characteristics of each species. All our work is made using European tree species, (most commonly grown in the UK, but also from countries around the EU, and in the case of walnut, the USA). We try to avoid the use of stains (with the exception of white washing) to manipulate the natural appearance of the wood.

White Washed Ash - Pre Colour Nordic White & 5% White 2c CROPPED.jpg

White Washed Ash

Elm - 5% White CROPPED.jpg


All our finishes are chosen with durability, stain resistance, and longevity in mind. We intend for our furniture to age well and to last a very long time.

All of the timber we use is sustainably sourced and certified by GiB, PEFC or FSC®.

Steamed Beech - 5% White 2c CROPPED_edit



London Plane

Quarter Sawn Oak 2.jpg

Quarter Sawn Oak

Flat Sawn Oak - Rubio 2c Mist 5% CROPPED.jpg

Flat Sawn Oak

Fumed Oak - Osmo Gloss x3.jpg

Fumed Oak

Walnut - Pure 2c CROPPED.jpg


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