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Full woodworking plans of our milking stool.


This is a good project for those new to chair making or hand tool woodworking. It provides the opportunity to become familiar with some important processes including: shaping and fitting round tenons by hand, dimensioning and planing components with a plane, shaping chamfers and levelling feet off the bench top.


The plans have been designed around the expectation that the project will be completed using hand tools only — no powered tools are required.


The plans consist of one A1 (22×34") page with all dimensions presented in metric and imperial units. Included are front, side and plan elevations in half-scale, full-scale rendering of a leg, layout out of the seat with sighting lines, and detailed order of process outlining how to make the chair with important considerations to be aware of.


The plans are provided as a digital download that can be taken to a printers to be printed out full-scale or worked from on a screen.


All of our plans are sold for non-commercial use only. If you would like to discuss using our plans for a commercial purpose please contact us directly.

Milking Stool Plans


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